This is the first step to becoming the type of musician you or a loved one always wanted to be.  We here at Atkins Music Center are proud to offer lessons for almost all instruments and for all ages. 

Our staff of dedicated, highly trained and educated instructors do not approach your desire to learn with any preconceived-conceived notions of how to teach you. 

We want to teach you to play the music you love, not what we prefer.  

Most people we meet have different goals and expectations; we tailor your lessons to best suit your goals. 

No one single method is right for everybody, and the proof will be in how quickly you are playing music.

  • If you are seeking an education or even a career in music, we've got a program for you.
  • If you already consider yourself a musician but want to learn a new instrument or a new technique, we've got an instructor here for you
  • If you simply want to pass some time away playing among friends on a back porch or around a campfire, we've got a method for you.

No matter your abilities or limitations, our goal is to get you playing as quickly and proficiently as possible.

We realize your time and money are valuable.  Our instructors are experts in reaching students in ways that benefit the student as soon as possible. 

     Guitar (All styles and types)
    Theater Prep

    And Many Many More
We teach everyday except Sunday.
No Long Term Commitment.
After your initial 2-month enrollment expires, tuition is then paid on a month to month basis.

Click here for our policies and procedures.
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